Dunes is a tridimensional art series by Catherine De Bosscher that celebrates the essence and diversity of human connection. The artworks feature stylized curved lines and handmade warm gradient tones that create a rich and dynamic visual effect.

Dunes is a fusion of nature and human creativity, expressing the fluidity and interconnectedness of all things. 


Matrix of Life

WALL  SCULPTURES – “Matrix of Life”

Experience the mesmerizing combination of geometry and vibrant colors in Catherine De Bosscher’s unique 3D art.

Each piece features a striking geometric pattern with wavy movements and gradient colors that create a sense of depth and emotion. Discover the power of this art and add a touch of unique visual beauty to your space.



WALL  SCULPTURES – “Symbiosis”

Discover the beauty and power of nature with Catherine De Bosscher’s “Symbiosis” series. These abstract wall sculptures shaped like coral, craters, and volcanoes bring an original and contemporary touch to your space. Capturing the essence of nature’s force and diversity, these pieces symbolize the powerful relationships between all living things. Add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your home or office today.


Geometric Matter

WALL  SCULPTURES – “Geometric Matter”

Get lost in the mesmerizing world of Catherine De Bosscher’s “Geometric Matter” series. This collection features intricate 2D and 3D hexagonal patterns set against a reflective background, creating a soft optical illusion. Add a touch of intrigue and sophistication to your space with this stunning series.



Elementary Particles

WALL  SCULPTURES – “Elementary Particles”

Experience the power and beauty of natural movement with Catherine De Bosscher’s “Elementary Particles” series. Inspired by waves, rotations, and expansions, each piece in this collection captures the dynamic energy of particles in motion.

Crafted from painted wood in stunning two-tone or monochromatic designs, these sculptural works make for the perfect statement piece on any wall. Whether you’re drawn to the bold, striking shapes or the intricate details of the woodwork, the “Elementary Particles” series is sure to captivate and inspire you.

Add a touch of nature-inspired beauty and sophistication to your space with this distinctive collection.