Icy Craters – Vibrant Wall Sculpture

Captivated by the organic silhouettes found in nature, particularly the mesmerizing icy craters, a compelling abstract wall sculpture emerges. It embodies intricate geometry and dynamic color gradients reminiscent of optical art.

Utilizing FDM 3D printing technology to meticulously shape each detail. The sculpture comprises **64 individual elements**, each one carefully hand-painted to showcase a stunning radial gradient that transitions through five distinct shades. This meticulous approach to color enhances the overall allure of the sculpture.

Assembling the elements onto a hand-painted wooden panel, this sculpture transcends mere decoration, becoming a statement piece that reflects the dedication and passion infused into its making. 

Dimensions : 72x72x6 cm/ 28.3×28.3×2.4 inch

Color: Radial Gradient blue to dark blue.

Material: FDM 3D printed elements & Wooden Panel & Handmade Satin Lacquer Paint.

Edition: Unique Piece

Date of Creation: 2020

Reference: K4