Sorted by Colors

Welcome to ‘Sorted By Colors,’ your gateway to Catherine De Bosscher’s artworks organized by 10 vibrant colors: Peach Fuzz, Very Peri, Blue, Orange, Rainbow, Brown, Yellow, Black, Green and Pink.

Experience the essence of her lifelong connection to colors. Explore unique wall art, sculptural platters and New Media Art Prints and dive into a world of vivid hues now!

“Peach Fuzz” Artworks

Explore the allure of our 2024 Pantone-inspired collection, featuring the exquisite velvet peach tone symbolizing the connection between mind, body, and soul. From Wall Sculptures to Media Art Prints, experience the captivating elegance of this hue. Picture the soft sunset glow on a white wall—inviting and luminous.

“Rainbow” Artworks

Experience life in vibrant hues as the essence of a “Rainbow” flows through a captivating array of artworks. Each creation is a canvas of colors, celebrating the spectrum of life without the confines of any singular interpretation. This diverse collection is a testament to the richness and dynamism that colors bring to our existence.

Black Artworks

Immerse in the world of “Black” with a curated video of my artworks. The dramatic aura and tridimensional effect invite exploration. From intricate wall sculptures to thought-provoking digital prints, this collection exemplifies black’s versatile impact in contemporary art.

Pink Artworks

Experience the profound and captivating emotions that the color “Pink” infuses into your surroundings. The versatile shades of pink elicit a spectrum of feelings, from the tranquility of a gentle blush to the invigorating surge of energy, creating a multifaceted ambiance that adds both depth and character to any space. The presence of pink invokes a sense of warmth and creativity, inviting you to embrace its transformative power.

Green Artworks

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of nature with a curated selection of my “Green” artworks. Whether through vibrant Wall Sculptures, serene Digital Art Prints in limited edition or unique Platter, these pieces celebrate the vitality and serenity that green brings to any space. Experience the calming and invigorating energy of green in a unique and artistic way.

Purple Artworks

Explore a curated assortment of my artworks, distinguished by the enchanting Pantone Color of the Year 2022: “Very Peri”. According to Pantone, this captivating shade harmonizes the steadfastness of blue with the vivacity of violet-red, fostering creativity and imaginative expression amidst a world of transformative change.

Blue Artworks

In this concise video, explore a selection of my creations graced by the soothing “Blue” hue. This color imbues serenity, offering a calm oasis within the hustle of life. This celestial shade enhances pieces across Wall Sculptures, Sculptures, Platters, Digital Paintings and Design Jewelry. Its ethereal presence weaves a thread of serene beauty throughout my artistry.

Brown Artworks

Discover my captivating collection of contemporary artworks, each elegantly characterized by the rich palette of warm “Brown” hues. In this video, witness an array of art pieces that harness the power of these earthy tones to encapsulate the very essence of human connection.

Orange Artworks

“Orange”, a color that ignites enthusiasm and creativity, infuses a unique vibrancy into each piece. Its dynamic presence carries a spirited energy, evoking a sense of warmth, positivity and passion. From bold Sculptures to intricate Wall Art, this video showcases my diverse creations, all meticulously curated for their vibrant orange hues and its radiant charm.

Yellow Artworks

Step into a world of vibrant energy and positivity with our collection of “Yellow” artworks. Each piece captures the radiant charm of this hue, evoking warmth, optimism, and joy. From captivating wall sculptures to mesmerizing New Media Art prints and unique sculpture or platters, experience the impact of yellow in contemporary art. Explore this collection and infuse your space with the radiance that only the color yellow can bring.

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