Planets Formation


The planets of the solar system have always inspired me, with their strange environment made of clouds, craters or icy surface… My Series “PlanetsFormation” combines 2 pieces; a wall painting and a matching pyramidal platter inspired by the soil of the planets of the solar system.  

Creating Art with care and passion, since ’96, Belgian Freelance Artist & Designer Catherine De Bosscher has always be fascinated by technology, design, colors, shapes, movement’s harmony.

Through her different form of art, digital art, sculptural piece, acrylic painting, 3d Jewellery,  and last years wall sculpture , her aim is to create Art pieces that transcend the beauty and the strangeness of the world, with geometric or organic forms. She lets the 3D shapes and the vibrant colors plays a unique visual and tactile composition.

All the items are available for purchase online or in Catherine De Bosscher's Art Studio, feel free to ask more information via the form on the contact page.

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