Catherine De Bosscher is an accomplished Belgian Artist Designer, who has been creating captivating works of art since 1998. Born into a family with a rich artistic background, Catherine was exposed to the world of art and paintings from a very young age. Her father, who was both an architect and a passionate painter, and her mother, an art enthusiast, nurtured her innate creative talent, and encouraged her to pursue her passion for art.

As a child, Catherine spent countless hours replicating her father’s paintings, and by the age of 12, she began creating her own colorful drawings. Later, as a teenager, she honed her skills by designing her own set of rings and earrings made from wood. Her passion for art led her to study interior architecture at Saint Luc School in Brussels, while continuing to design objects during her free time.

Catherine De Bosscher is a self-taught artist who uses various techniques to create her stunning art pieces. After completing her degree, she made the bold decision to become a self-entrepreneur, registering he brand logo and hallmark for her jewelry in 1996. Her professional career began with the design of a complete collection of gold jewelry, followed by the creation of furniture, sculptures, and decorative bowls.

With the advent of computer technology in the early 2000s, Catherine began exploring the world of digital art. She was one of the first artists in Belgium to print media art on canvas and acrylic glass from 3D rendering, rather than from an electronically modified picture. In 2015, Catherine De Bosscher became one of the first artists in Belgium to sell 3D printed jewelry, which she designed herself using polyamide and stainless steel.

Catherine De Bosscher’s unique and modern style is characterized by a surreal blend of nature, architecture, biomorphism, and geometry. She has a deep passion for innovation, both in the shapes and techniques she uses to create her art pieces. Her latest series incorporates a mix of art and technology, resulting in surprising wall sculptures.

Catherine De Bosscher’s exquisite creations are available exclusively online on her website and in her gallery/studio in Brussels. She has the ability to create art pieces of any size on demand.

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