Planet Venus – Painting and Platter

Theme: Inspired by the craters of Venus, my painting “Venus” is a contemporary graphic motif that captures the beauty and complexity of our neighboring planet. This piece serves as a reference to the exciting possibilities of interplanetary travel, which will undoubtedly preoccupy future generations.

In my “PlanetsFormation” series, I have combined two pieces, a stunning wall painting and a matching pyramidal platter, sold together to create a cohesive and elegant addition to your home style. These pieces blend together beautifully and are sure to capture the imagination of anyone who sees them. Browse our collection now and add a touch of planetary beauty to your home.

Dimensions :

Painting 92x70x5cm/ 36.2×27.5×2 inch + Pyramidal Platter: 45x45x15cm/ 17.7×17.7×5.9 inch

Color: Shade of Light Orange

Material: Acrylic Painting on Wood

Reference: H15+ H16

Edition: Unique Piece

Date of Creation: 2007