Distortion Field – Wall Sculpture

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of particle movements with our Wall Sculpture series, "Elementary Particles." Inspired by the motion and dynamics of subatomic particles, These sculptures add a touch of fascination and mystery to any space, as they capture the artist's imaginative interpretation of particle movements.

Each piece is carefully crafted with wooden spheres that are painted and organized to create an abstract illusion of movement. Whether you choose a two-tone or monochromatic design, the subtle painted lines on each sphere enhance the visual effect of motion.

Our sculptures are the perfect addition to any modern decor, adding a sense of energy and dynamism to your space. And for those who love a more geometric aesthetic, be sure to check out our Magma Cube sculpture, available now on our website.

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Dimensions : 100x80x10 cm/ 39.4×31.5×3.9 inch

Color: Gradient of Light orange and Bright Red

Material: Wood and acrylic painting.

Reference: F34

Edition: Unique Piece