CellGrowth 25 – Wall Sculpture

The art piece, CellGrowth 25, is a stunning work that takes inspiration from the captivating patterns discovered in the natural world. Its abstract wall sculpture, with its organic undulating form, represents the growth of cells and the interdependence of all living organisms.

The artist has expertly blended conventional artistic methods with cutting-edge technology to produce a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Each of the 25 individual components that make up CellGrowth has been meticulously hand-painted, following a turquoise gradient that perfectly enhances the sculpture's natural curves.

Dimensions : 40x40x8 cm/ 15.7×15.7×3.1 inch

Color: Gradient Light turquoise blue. Tops are in light silver.

Material: FDM 3D printed elements & Wooden Panel & Handmade Satin Lacquer Paint.

Edition: Unique Piece

Date of Creation: 2020

Reference: K2