Elliptical Movement – Wall Sculpture

Using wooden painted spheres, the artist has created a mesmerizing illusion of movement that is both abstract and enchanting. The spheres are arranged in a way that creates a sense of fluidity and dynamism, evoking the essence of particles in motion. Each sphere seems to be in a state of constant flux, as if perpetually in motion.

The two-tone or monochromatic sculptural work of "Twin Lines" adds to its allure, with subtle painted lines on the spheres that further accentuate the movement effect. The delicate lines create an intricate pattern that draws the viewer's eye and enhances the overall aesthetic of the sculpture.

Dimensions : 65x50x8 cm/ 25.6×19.7×3.1 inch

Color: Gradient of Turquoise and Orange lines.

Material: Wood and acrylic painting.

Reference: F35

Edition: Unique Piece