AQUA CUBE – Minimalist Sculpture

Make a bold statement with this stunning minimalist wooden cubic sculpture, a truly unique piece that is sure to impress. The sculpture's exterior is coated in a delicate pastel turquoise hue, creating a sense of tranquility that will complement any interior design scheme.

However, it is the elliptical cut-out inner side of the sculpture that truly sets it apart, with intricate fine lines that move seamlessly from pink to turquoise, creating a captivating sense of depth and motion.  Its minimalist design and unique beauty are sure to leave a lasting impression on all who view it.

Dimensions : 23x23x23 cm / 9,1×9,1×9,1 inch

Color: Outside: Light Blue / Inner: Gradient Pink to Blue

Material: Painted Wood, Varnished

Edition: Unique Piece

Reference: S30