Matrix of Life 040 – Wall Sculpture

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"Matrix of Life 040" is not just an ordinary wall sculpture; it's an exceptional piece of art that's sure to capture your attention.

This innovative artwork takes inspiration from the ice age, where life originated from simple molecular structures that were all unique from one another, yet came together to form the basis of life on earth.

Using cutting-edge FDM 3D printing technology, this sculptural work explores the intricate interplay between 2D and 3D geometric abstraction. Each individual piece has been polished and painted to perfection, resulting in a stunning gradient lacquer finish that follows the natural movement of the waves. The result is a beautiful curving shape that's sure to turn heads and spark conversation.

The Wave motif is sliced into squared volumes, adding depth and texture to the overall piece. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply appreciate beautiful design, "Matrix of Life 040" is a must-have addition to any space.

Dimensions : 31 x 69 x 8.5 cm/ 12.2×27.2×3.3 inch

Color: Gradient from turquoise to light coral. Tops are in metallic turquoise.

Material: FDM 3D printed elements & Wooden Panel & Handmade Satin Lacquer Paint.

Reference: M4

Edition: Unique Piece

Date of Creation: 2018