Matrix of Life 070 – Wall Sculpture

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Introducing the Matrix of Life 070, a wall sculpture that captures the essence of life’s early days. This artwork celebrates the variety of simple life forms from the ice age, each unique but together forming life’s foundation.

Crafted with geometric shapes, this piece stands out with its wave-inspired design and yellow gradient finish, giving it a sense of motion. The design is cut into squares, adding depth. The silver top contrasts with the yellow, symbolizing life’s vibrant start against the ice age’s cold backdrop.

The Matrix of Life 070 wall sculpture is an enthralling creation that sparks your imagination.

Dimensions : 50 x 75 x 8.5 cm/ 19.7 x 29.5 x 3.3 inch

Color: Gradient from lemon yellow to frosted lemon. Tops are in light silver.

Material: FDM 3D printed elements & Wooden Panel & Handmade Satin Lacquer Paint.

Edition: Unique Piece

Reference: M5