E-Volcanoes V61 – Colorful Wall Sculpture

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This artwork, titled “E-Volcanoes V61”, is an ultimate optical art, a soft and geometric abstraction that creates a dynamic visual effect. 

This art piece is a celebration of earth’s force and transformation, inviting the viewer to explore its intricate patterns and colors.

The piece consists of a series of organic shapes that twist and turn in a fluid motion, creating a sense of depth and movement. 

The shapes are adorned with a vibrant gradient of colors, each featuring a white center, creating a striking contrast against the colorful glossy metallic background and embodying the dynamic and diverse essence of life.

The name of the artwork is a clever combination of the words “Evolution” and “Volcanoes”, suggesting a connection between the origins of life on Earth and the explosive forces of nature. 

“E-Volcanoes 61” can be displayed individually or placed next to the other square artworks “E-Volcanoes 25” on its left side, thanks to the smooth transition of the gradient colors.



Dimensions : 87.2x 87.2x 9 cm / 34.4x 34.3x 3.5 inch

Color: Gradient Vibrant colors. The inside of each element is white.

Material: Handmade Satin Lacquer Paint on FDM 3D printed elements & Glossy HD Metal Print

Reference: VO3

Edition: Unique Piece made to order

Date of Creation: 2024