Nucléole – Digital Painting

Theme: Introducing "Nucléole" - a breathtaking original New Media Art piece that is limited to just 2 High Definition Prints. This unique composition features an intricate fusion of lush vegetation and a crystalline dome with a tree-leaf shape that blends into a beautiful mosaic of crystals.

Represented within the drops of water are little pink clouds, symbolizing the essence of life, partially covered with green moss. The thick, star-shaped ground is frosty and reflects the beautiful vegetal and crystalline dome above it. The entire composition has a light green hue and is enhanced by a 3mm clear acrylic glass placed above the photographic print, adding depth to the artwork.

Technique: Each of my unique creations starts with 3D objects that I design using advanced 3D tools. After the scene is complete, I render it in high definition for printing on the finest quality medium. My digital paintings are the result of a meticulous thought process, from initial sketches to final renderings that can take months of iteration to perfect. Explore my portfolio and bring a touch of surrealism to your world.

Size:120x150cm/ 47.2×59.1 inch.

Support: Diasec: Original High Quality Photo Print mounted under crystal clear Acrylic Glass. Extraordinary depth as well as a color accentuation. Brilliant colors. High gloss  finish. Resistant to UV light.

Frame: There is no visible frame which gives you the artwork the Appearance of floating away from the wall but the artwork is ready to hang with wall-mounts attached to the Dibond backing.

Reference: L10

Edition: Limited and signed edition of 2 per format.

Date of Creation: 2010