Caraïbes et Hawaii – Digital Painting

Theme: “Caraibes & Hawaii” is an Original New Media Art HD printed. The composition reveals a soft geometrical shape inspired by the inner cut-out shape of my cubic sculpture of the same name. (Check the link of the 2 cubic sculptures: "Caraibes"& "Hawaii" ).The left artwork, in gold colors, pays tribute to the sandy constructions of the Caribbean, while the right artwork, in glossy blue colors, represents the soft oceanic structures of Hawaii. The left artwork is depicted in a sunny daylight, while the right artwork is shown under moonlight, reflecting a clear night sky. These two square art pieces are designed to be displayed together, showcasing their beautiful complementarity.

Technique:  I use 3D design tools to create and design all my artwork from 3D objects. After the scene is completed, the painting is rendered and printed on high-quality mediums, resulting in stunning and intricate pieces of art.


Size: 100x50cm /  39.4×19.7 inch

Support: Diasec: Original High Quality Photo Print mounted under crystal clear Acrylic Glass. Extraordinary depth as well as a color accentuation. Brilliant colors. High gloss  finish. Resistant to UV light.

Frame: There is no visible frame which gives you the artwork the Appearance of floating away from the wall but the artwork is ready to hang with wall-mounts attached to the Dibond backing.

Edition: Limited and signed edition of 2 per format.

Date of Creation: 2006

Reference: L1

Notice that this artwork “Caraïbes & Hawaii” is sold including 2 separate parts: a left side 50×50 cm /19.7×39.4 inch. and a right side 50×50 cm /19.7×39.4 inch..