Square Ball 1

Theme: Introducing "Square Ball 1," an exquisite New Media Art printed in a luxurious HD metal print, and is available in a limited edition of only 4 per format. This eye-catching artwork features a stunning square geometrical pattern cleverly inscribed in a curved spherical shape, resulting in a truly unique and captivating composition. The vibrant and glossy circular rainbow adds a pop of color to the piece, making it a must-have for any modern art enthusiast.

Technique: I use 3D design tools to create and design all my artwork from 3D objects. After the scene is completed, the painting is rendered and printed on high-quality mediums, resulting in stunning and intricate pieces of art.

Support: Digital Painting printed on High definition by sublimation on Aluminium. Limited edition of 4 per format. Brilliant colors. Resistant to UV light.

Frame: The artwork is sold with a 5 cm / 2 inch depth black aluminium Art Box frame.

Date of Creation: 2017

Edition: Limited and signed edition of 4 per format.