CARAIBES – Cubic Sculpture

Created in the form of a perfect cube, it is characterized by its unique inner cut-out shape, which lends it a sense of depth and dimensionality that is both striking and subtle.

Crafted from massive wood, the sculpture is expertly finished with a rich, warm brown paint on the outside that complements the natural grain and texture of the material. The inner side of the sculpture is hand-painted with a delicate gradient of browns and natural tints, carefully following the contours of the inner shapes and creating a subtle interplay of light and shadow that adds depth and complexity to the piece.

Dimensions : 26 x 26 x 26 cm/ 10.2×10.2×10.2 inch

Color: Inner: Gradient Natural Wood / Outside: Dark Brown

Material: Painted Wood – Varnished

Edition: Unique Piece

Reference: S21