Blue Capsule 3

Support: Diasec: Original High Quality Photo Print mounted under crystal clear Acrylic Glass. Extraordinary depth as well as a color accentuation. Brilliant colors. High gloss  finish. Resistant to UV light.

Frame: There is no visible frame which gives you the artwork the Appearance of floating away from the wall but the artwork is ready to hang with wall-mounts attached to the Dibond backing.

Edition: Limited and signed edition of 2 per format.

Date of Creation: 2013

Step into an imaginative world with "Blue Capsule 3", an original New Media Art HD print that explores the wonders of nature. The artwork portrays a stunning landscape where strangle vegetation thrives on a frozen lake. This particular art piece belongs to a series of three that highlights the beauty of nenuphar. Here, the broad leaves of the plant are covered with bluish grasses that open up to reveal a reddish lava center, symbolizing the transformative and powerful element of fire. The combination of vivid colors and intriguing atmosphere creates a beautiful and thought-provoking artwork that references the mysteries of life.

Technique: I use 3D design tools to create and design all my artwork from 3D objects. After the scene is completed, the painting is rendered and printed on high-quality mediums, resulting in stunning and intricate pieces of art.