Working on ‘Matrix of Life 064’

‘Eclosion Rubis’ from the Series ‘Imaginary Reality’

‘Graphic’ 3D Printed Rings in nylon and Stainless Steel.

“Hawaii” blue wave from the Series Minimalist Sculptures.

‘Twin Fluid’ wall sculpture from the Series ‘Elementary Particules’.

‘Black Matter 74’ from the Series ‘Geometric Matter’.

“Nucléole” from the Series Imaginary Reality.

‘Whirlwind’ wall sculpture from the Series ‘Elementary Particules’.

‘Distortion Field’ from the Series ‘Elementary Particules’.

‘Matrix 100’ wall sculpture from the Series ‘Matrix of Life’.

As a Belgian independent contemporary artist, I ‘m pleased to share with you my work on my online website.

I propose modern and innovative artwork that would give any interior a ‘Wow’ factor.

I create contemporary artworks with different technique. My artworks are characterised by its personal, uniqueness , beautiful colors combination and tri-dimensional effect.

Each artwork is available online and some art pieces are physically visible in my art studio in Brussels, Belgium.

Customisation is possible for dedicated projects. Need more information or request a quote?

Use the  'request for information link/button' I will be happy to respond.

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