Working on ‘Matrix of Life 064’

‘Eclosion Rubis’ from the Series ‘Imaginary Reality’

‘Graphic’ 3D Printed Rings in nylon and Stainless Steel.

“Hawaii” blue wave from the Series Minimalist Sculptures.

‘Twin Fluid’ wall sculpture from the Series ‘Elementary Particules’.

‘Black Matter 74’ from the Series ‘Geometric Matter’.

“Nucléole” from the Series Imaginary Reality.

‘Whirlwind’ wall sculpture from the Series ‘Elementary Particules’.

‘Distortion Field’ from the Series ‘Elementary Particules’.

‘Matrix 100’ wall sculpture from the Series ‘Matrix of Life’.

Unique Artwork with their vibrant colors and 3dimensional contemporary look will give your home and office, a new impactful style.

Belgian Artist Designer since 1996, Catherine De Bosscher is inspired by her architecture background and passion for contemporary design, colors and technology. The result is an innovative work combining sculptural and fluid geometry with vibrant colors.

Wish to purchase my artwork ? Please Email us at or contact us on Instagram. 

Prices are always clearly indicated. You are buying directly from C. De Bosscher Art Studio. Worldwide shipping. Secure payement via Paypal.

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